Gameplay Basics

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask is filled to the brim with puzzles, but what sets the game apart is the way they weave their way into the story. As you scour the town of Monte d'Or looking for clues, you'll come across many puzzles that must be solved to advance. Here's how it all works.

The Masked

He seems to be the cause of all the unexplained "dark miracles" occurring around Monte d'Or. What's he hiding?

Explore, chat, and solve

When exploring the various locales in the game, you'll come across a wide range of characters. Talk to everyone, and use your touch screen to search every window, door, or alleyway in the scene. Often you'll find a puzzle waiting for you. Look out for problems that the townsfolk need your help with, hidden riddles to unlock secret locations, and more.

Use the tools, and your talent

Once you're presented with a puzzle, the scenario will be laid out on the top screen. Below that, you'll need to use your stylus to solve it. Write, draw, or drag and drop objects as needed, and always be prepared to use your mental muscle. Keep an eye out for these features as you play.

Tools Puzzle pieces Tools

Hint Coins

Stumped? Spend a Hint Coin for some help. The more coins you spend, the stronger the hint. You can collect more coins hidden in the scenes around you.


Need to really work it out? Use notes to draw on top of the puzzle space if needed. Multiple pen colors are available.


You get these for solving puzzles. Solve on the first try to get the maximum amount. Collect enough and something wonderful might happen.

Mix it up with Minigames

Looking for a change of pace? These Minigames give you another way to work your wits without the pressure of solving a grand mystery. Some are more action packed, some involve a lot more bunnies—and all will keep you guessing.

Click to rotate

Puzzle pieces

A plethora of puzzles

Take a gander at some of the puzzles you'll come across in your travels—and even try a few yourself!

see and play puzzles
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