Hundreds of puzzles to explore

Every corner seems to reveal a new brainteaser—from helping the townsfolk with their personal conundrums, to piecing together ancient artifacts. You'll find hundreds to conquer in all, presenting a variety of puzzle types. Here are just a few examples.

Example puzzles

Free daily puzzles for a year!

In addition to the puzzles woven throughout the story, a new one will be added daily for you to download via broadband wireless connection starting on launch day (10/28/2012), and continuing for an entire year. These 365 additional brainteasers are every bit as fun and challenging as the main puzzles. Take a look at these examples. Note: The number of puzzles available per download will depend on how often the download library is accessed.

Free Daily Puzzles
Free demo puzzles

Free Demo Puzzles

Try some puzzles out for yourself right here!

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