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A certain number of picarats are awarded to you each time you solve a puzzle. Always think carefully—if you get an answer wrong, the number of Picarats earned decreases with the first few incorrect answers. After you've completed the adventure, you'll uncover a range of exciting extras. The more Picarats you earn, the more fun content you'll have waiting for you.

Hint Coins

You'll find these little treasures hiding throughout the villiage of Misthallery. If you come to a particularly perplexing puzzle, use a hint coin or a few to get a little help. Every puzzle comes with 3 hints that you can buy, as well as a super hint that will cost two hint coins.

Explore Every Scene

Every street corner and back alley of Misthallery hides something or someone revealing—be it a clue to the specter's mystery, townsfolk with important info, or even a puzzle to solve. Invoke your inner detective and see what you can uncover.

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